The Fisher Center for Business Analytics

The center advances the creation of business value from data science.

The center pursues its vision through research, education, and by accelerating the diffusion and adoption of analytics throughout all aspects of business and management.

Its missions are to explore and design new data science applications, support data democratization, and establish the grounds for reasoned, wise, and inspired data governance.

Based on UC Berkeley’s values, which encourage the fostering of humble, ever-learning, and thought-leading excellence, the Fisher Center for Business Analytics collaborates with organizations around the world to push new frontiers. This includes collaboration on company data projects, research, debates, clubs, corporate retreats, and global summits that bring together practitioners who share the same passion and values for business analytics.

Humans for AI

Inclusive + Diverse + Balanced

Our purpose is to facilitate the equal representation of women in AI.
We empower domain experts with AI skills, literacy, awareness, community, and advocacy.

We believe that gender parity and greater diversity among AI domain experts will lead to increased social alignment, humanization, and a broadening of the AI field.

We recognize AI’s emerging importance for business and society and the clear lack of women in the field.

We believe the next wave of growth and value will be driven by domain experts in the field of AI.

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