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December Training

December, 3-12th, 2020, on Thursdays and Saturdays

12pm – 3pm on Thursdays

8am – 2pm on Saturdays

Via Zoom

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The Keys to Impactful and Sustainable Analytics

This 18-hour class (+10 hours of homework) covers the complete skill set required today from data analysts. It covers the roles and application of technology throughout the analytics supply chain and how data should be handled in each step, from data collection to preparation, organization, analysis, and reporting. It teaches how management and mindsets must evolve to make the best use of analytics. Finally, it presents how lean processes can ensure repeatability, scalability, and sustainability of newly set reporting procedures.

Course and Instructor Details

Gauthier G. Vasseur

Executive Director,
Fisher Center for Business Analytics,
Institute for Business Innovation

Gauthier is the executive director of the Fisher Center for Business Analytics at the University of California Berkeley, co-president and co-founder of AIAI, the Alliance for Inclusive AI, and the founding president of Data Wise Academy, a firm specializing in training and support for transformation in a digital world, in Menlo Park, CA. He built his expertise from 15 years spent in analytics, controlling and treasury management, 10 years in high technology in companies like Oracle, Google, and several startups, and continuous experience in high technology education (Berkeley, Stanford, Insead, Association of Finance Professionals).

Today, Gauthier shares his passion for technical, process, human and data analytics approaches contributing to better business performance. He divides his time between Europe Latin America and Silicon Valley, where he resides. Outside of his courses, conferences, and research, Gauthier is passionate about the waves of the Pacific and the deep sky, a discipline which, like data, is a quest for knowledge in the end.

Thirty years ago I counted the days until I finished my Electrical Engineering degree at top Canadian university. I started at 1100 days. It was miserable. You have restored my faith on what the educational experience could be. This was an amazing and transformative experience. Thank you for teaching and directing my skills for my next endeavors.

I would certainly recommend the class to anyone interested in the subject, especially those without a background in computer science. Gautier took a computer science subject and was able to turn it into approachable information for the average layman which is not an easy task! He did an excellent job of breaking down all of the important parts of BI and making them so understandable. I felt it was a very thorough breakdown of the subject matter.

Gauthier is incredibly enthusiastic and is always engaged with the class. It is visible he is passionate about the subject and is dedicated to sharing his knowledge with his students. The course is broken down into manageable lessons that combine practical data-knowledge such as experimentation with analytical tools and more theoretical-knowledge such as how and when to use big data. I am very pleased with this course overall and I plan to continue exploring the world of data.

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