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Our Artist Community

A professional artist for over three decades, Andrea Fono has traveled and exhibited her work extensively around the world. Her work combines the inspiration of spiritual discovery with a reverence for the natural world. Her paintings, mono-prints and drawings are visual meditations that remind us of our connection to the larger world around us and, ultimately, the infinity of the cosmos. They explore moments of tranquility and transition in the landscape and invite the viewer to connect emotionally with a place and time they may not have visited.


Cezanne’s “unfinished” airy watercolors, Matisse’s bold simplification of forms, Kandinsky’s abstractions, Avery’s use of broad plains of flat and colors, Tuttle’s evocation of play, Bartlet theme repetition on various medium and Niki de Saint Phalle’s fantastical spirited themes in giant multi-colored demigod, semi-beast sculptures.

William Arvin is an American artist based in Oakland, California, where he works in collaboration with his wife Sara under Vite! Studios, developing projects in a wide range of practices and media, though specializing in figurative paintings in a photorealistic style. He usually works in oil on canvas at a life-size scale, drawing inspiration from the world of cinema both in terms of theme and style. With his focus on bright colours, impactful imagery and an interest in the commercial, William creates paintings that are reminiscent of the pop art style prominent through the 1960s and 70s.

In his own words

Much of my work reflects an ongoing approach toward figurative painting through the language of cinema, in both narrative and the process of image construction. Original film and photography, and the processes and materials involved, are employed as a means to painterly composition. Formal elements such as cropping, aspect ratio and materials have become increasingly important, with recent works involving a variety of medium application, creating a diverse painterly topography across each canvas. This approach to material, allowing the natural characteristics of paint and surface to occur without refinement, and image processing through extreme cropping has evolved to collage like painterly constructions, which still seek traditional figurative painting, albeit through a loose, fragmented compositional approach.

Talia Fellah grew up in Algiers, Algeria and Paris, France before settling in the United States in 1997.  She studied landscape design and photography in Paris, France. Most of her photographs are black and white, photojournalism style, and reveal the natural beauty that surrounds us.

In her own words

Photography for me is a way of stopping time, capturing a moment, and communicating an emotion or a story in an image. The art form has been a gift, enabling me to express my experience of the world and share it with others. 

Candyde is a French artist who started a career in music in 1997, with his BLOW BOX Funk group, performing over 100 live concerts. 

He continued to perform with his “COMMON SENSE” Pop / Soul new group before starting recording music in studio as a contributing artist first and finally recording his own music at his home studio in 2015. 

More about Candyde

In 2020 he released his first EP, “Good times”,  which combined Funk, Disco & French House, recording himself all instruments and vocal parts, in an exploration of “total autonomy”

His passion for Artificial Intelligence is inspiring his support to our mission.

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